Sync Toolkit for WinRT

This project is the WinRT implementation of the Sync Framework Toolkit to enabled synchronization with WinRT or Windows Phone 8 and SQLite.

This toolkit is based on Sync Framework Toolkit. It’s not a new version.

Windows Runtime 8.1 / SQLite 3.8.2

This new release of the WinRT implementation of the Sync Toolkit will add some new features:

  1. Upgrade to support SQLite Version 3.8.2
  2. Nuget package integration
  3. Out of the box Platforms support (x86, x64 and ARM)
  4. Using of SQLiteWinrt nuget package component ( (thx to Andy Wigley for its wrapper) You can check more here : 

Don’t forget to read the documentation tab tutorial to see how to install the toolkit :)


This version of the Sync Toolkit adds support for synchronization with WinRT and Windows Phone 8 :



In the sources provided on the Codeplex website, you will find 2 samples including a simple HelloWorldSync and a complete sample Fabrikam, with CRUD operations and synchronization.


To create a “synchonizable application” that will work on Windows Store apps and Windows Phone 8, you will find in the documentation tab a full tutorial (still in progress)

Here the tutorial parts :

  1. Download and install Sync Framework and Sync Toolkit for WinRT
  2. Generate the code for your database, your server and your client application
  3. Create a fully functional application
  4. Create a filtered application based on a template scope
  5. Handle conflicts

If you want more information, don’t forget to check my blog : Msdn Mim’s blog

Fabrikam sample

In the following sections (documentation tab), you will learn how to create a very simple application which can synchronize a database within WinRT and WP8 devices
Here is some screenshots of the complete sample :

Windows Phone 8


Windows Store application (Windows 8.1 application)

image image

image image

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