Installing Sync Toolkit for Windows 8.1

This post is Obsolte. SQLite for Windows 8.1 is available (version 3.8.2) See the documentation tab to install the binaries with Nuget




I don’t have published the nuget version of the toolkit Win 8.1

But you can, as a preview, install the update on your environment to make it work with Visual Studio 2013.

Here is the required steps to achieve this.

Download SQLite for Windows 8.1

First of all, you should know that the 2 versions (for 8.1 and 8.0) are compatible and can be installed side by side.

You need to download the SQLite binaries for Windows 8.1 :


It’s a complete VSIX package, with the SQLite 3.8.2 version of the database engine. Once installed, you can reference SQLite in your 8.1 project.

Download the Sync Toolkit for Windows 8.1 standalone nuget package

As I said earlier, I don’t have published the nuget package of this temporary version (I Just wait the SQLite for Winrt 8.1 released version to update the Nuget Package).
So to install this version, you should install the nuget package from a local temporary folder, used as a Local Nuget Repository.

Go to the Nuget Package Options :


And add a temporary folder called Local Package Repository :


As you can see, in this screenshot, my local repository is called Local Nuget Repository and is located at “C:\Users………….\PERSONAL\Nuget” You can choose what you want as you can imagine :)

Now you can download the nugets packages for Windows 8.1 in the download section:

Unzip the two packages in your local nuget repository :


Now, you can create your project for Windows 8.1 and add the package :)

Create a new project for Windows 8.1 with Sync WinRT for 8.1

Create a new project.

Add the reference to SQLite for Windows 8.1


Launch the Nuget Powershell Console


Select your Local Nuget Repository.

Add the package with this command line : Install-Package SyncClient.SQLite



As you can see, the install process will install:

  1. The SQLite-Winrt assembly wrapper for WinRT 8.1 (see here : )
  2. The Sync ToolKit for WinRT 8.1

The screenshot is not correct, the version is 3.8.2 :)


You can now work with the toolkit and 8.1 :)

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